David Vazquez   Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States
CSS Professional Player (retired 2012)


ESEA LAN Grand Finals s10 Ace Clip:

"The Sickest Counter-Strike: Source Frag Round Ever?"


ESEA LAN Grand Finals s10:

(#8 in) "Top 10 Clutches of ESEA LAN"


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(#8 in) Top 10 Invite Plays:

(#4 in) Top 5 Invite Plays:

(#1 in) Top 10 ESEA LAN s10 Moments:

***Gaming History***

Gigabits LAN 1 - 2nd Place
Alienware Tourney NJ LAN - 2nd Place
Gigabits LAN 3 - 2nd Place
Gigabits LAN 4 - 2nd Place
Next Level LAN 1 - 2nd Place
Next Level LAN 2 - 3rd Place
Next Level LAN 3 - *1st Place*
*S10 ESEA Invite LAN Grand Finals - 5th Place
*S12 ESEA Invite LAN Grand Finals - 2nd Place

CAL Main s9 - Mind The Addiction
CAL Main s11 - MARVEL/focaL
CAL Invite s12 - CyberRev/FEVER

CEVO Amateur s5 - MARVEL
CEVO Main s6 - MARVEL/focaL
CEVO Main s9 - Humble
CEVO Professional s12 - Vindicated
CEVO Professional s13 - Vindicated

ESEA Open s7 - Vindicated
ESEA Main s8 (Undefeated) *CHAMPIONS* - Vindicated
ESEA Invite s9 - Vindicated
ESEA Invite s10 - Vindicated
ESEA Invite s11 - Vindicated/Mild
ESEA Invite s12 - Frag Machines
ESEA CSS s13 *CHAMPIONS* - Out of Nowhere
ESEA CSS s14 - Vindicated
ESEA CSGO S20 - Cyber Revolution

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