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Posted: Dec 27, 2021 @ 8:24am
Updated: Dec 27, 2021 @ 8:26am

for most idle games, you'll see people having ridiculous playtimes - mostly because people turn them on and leave them on to gain extra stuff while they arent focusing on the game.

for this game? no

i haven't slept in 2 days

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Dragaan Jan 19 @ 9:14am 
DUDE! When I first discovered this game I was playing non-stop for several days. The first 2 days i got maybe 1-2hrs of "sleep" (passing out on keyboard) a night. BASICALLY didn't really sleep for 2 days. Your comment made me lol
NashBlaster Jan 3 @ 12:52pm 
oatmealine speaks truth. I went to see what was on sale after Christmas, and clicked the Bitburner button. I'm scheduled to go back to work soon - we'll see how I adjust.
Gensys Jan 1 @ 7:39am 
i'm sold.