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Posted: Oct 10, 2019 @ 4:27am

An interesting story line with a guaranteed 5 playthroughs from different perspectives, and seemingly infinite outcomes, Court of Ashes offers great storytelling, a beautiful and unique art style, and a rousing soundtrack.

I was immediately lured into the game with an intense storytelling hook and getting to pick which character I would experience the game through. I chose the alchemist, Brida, for her intellect and her sharp tongue. After I got used to the day/turn-based action and had the lay of the land, I fell naturally into the role of making decisions for the kingdom, and enjoyed employing a strategy and seeing how my decisions would affect the outcome for Brida and for the kingdom. Who would have thought freedom of religion and abandoning farmland would lead to such a magnificent outcome!

At around 3.5 hours played I completed my first playthrough as Brida. Although I wasn't able to take over the crown for myself, I did save the kingdom and win the war! It's very evident by the achievements and unlockables that each character has multiple endings that are determined by how you play the game -- politics, strategy, and battle all determine your success. I'll definitely be playing as other characters to try and take the crown for myself while still not letting the kingdom burn.

Although I had a few bugs along the way, I really enjoyed the experience that this game has to offer. This genre of game is not in my wheelhouse and I'd still recommend it to just about anyone.

  • Fantastic art and music
  • Countless playthroughs
  • Rewarding decision-making
  • Would recommend to anyone
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