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last played on Sep 4
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last played on Sep 3
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last played on Sep 2
Papa Aug 26 @ 1:37pm 
nice RA
3rz Aug 22 @ 2:59pm 
cba playing vs females
0x80 Aug 17 @ 6:26pm 
don't feel like playing
thaiuz97 Aug 17 @ 6:23pm 
1 and doned me on Tekken bleh
0x80 Aug 16 @ 6:29pm 
oh i cheated and i'm proud, i'm not trying to justify my actions. i don't like csgo at all. i'm sure you're a lovely guy underneath all the build up anger you seem to have. if you wanna talk about it with me, feel free to add me. i can be your personal steam psychiatrist for 60€ an hour. actually you know what? i'll lower it to 45€ an hour just for you sir.
Sweatington Aug 16 @ 6:26pm 
"iT hApPenD wHeN I wAs 15 dUdE!" shut up you retarded weak kid, nobody cares about your justifications