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:magicmooshroom: !check - number of sets I can offer you

:magicmooshroom: !buytf 10 - buy sets with 10 TF2 keys

:magicmooshroom: !level 100 - check number of sets and keys you need to get to level 100

:magicmooshroom: !help - show all commands
Have a wonderful day:sakurabeachnenelaugh:
cs2 is finaly out:sakurabeachnenelaugh:
luvpainhateu 💜 Sep 25 @ 8:44pm 
Bullying? Think you're so cool? The girl you just called fat?... She is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping that people will like her. The boy you just tripped?... He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars?... He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying. That kid you just made fun of for being bald?...He has cancer. Put this as your status if your against bullying. I bet 95% of you wont re-post , but I'm sure the people with a heart will
luvpainhateu 💜 Sep 25 @ 6:46am 
Have a nice week my friend:butterfly:
🎀♛QueenSophia🎀♛ Sep 25 @ 1:57am 
New week wish you a great start in it:mgh_17:
🎀♛QueenSophia🎀♛ Sep 23 @ 7:47am 
wish you an amazing day
luvpainhateu 💜 Sep 22 @ 10:48am