make it rain when my bitch say
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It wasn't something that I thought about
But knew that you were absolute in doubt
I just really wanna talk to you again
That's how I know that I'ma haunt you in the end
It wasn't something 'til you brought it up
I knew that you were trying to make it out
Without a single scar, clawing at my arm
I saw you in his car, swear I knew it from the start
Bring me down, it's not that easy
Lay me down, just please don't leave me
I remember you were climbing on top of me
Why you acting like you fucking forgot me?
I've been dreaming about a place out in Hollywood
Tell my mama that I'm moving to Hollywood
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you B I t Ch :kebab:
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+rep insane god
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+rep velky sef would smash if I was a girl nohomo
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-rep too salty
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