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🌸Hayo young Kawaiis, I'm Misaki! I just love to play online games with my super Kawaii friends! Despite that I'm TERRIBLE at it, COF COF...
🌸I also love coffe, editing videos and my friends
🌸My favorite colors are pink, purples and black

Chat Rules
🌸Don't be a &?#! . I will find you and I will &?#! .
🌸 English/Portuguese only, please.
🌸Don't ask for Elo Boosting LOLOLOL JK.
🌸I know I sound rude but I love you <3.
🌸Don't ask for items

Game Ranks
🌸 Paladins; I played this game for a couple month's, I reached Master with Ying . I want to play this game again, but first I wanna climb on overwatch. I'm a Ying otp.

🌸 Payday 2; I play this game everytime, I just love this game, I play it since 2013 on ps3 and now im on pc making history COF COF. But now I'm XXV 100 with almost all achievments

🌸 Overwatch; Recently I started to play Overwatch, and I'm in love with that game xD now I play that game every day and I hope one day get a good rank on that game :3 OW Stats [www.overbuff.com]

Private Stuff
🌸I won't be sharing private information about myself, so please respect my privacy
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let's play some :P::A::Y::TheD::A::Y: :steamhappy:
Witch*✧・゚ Feb 21 @ 7:56am 
awnnn <33
NightFury / BLS Feb 17 @ 8:40am 
baby girl , i was thinking of you all day love
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Avery プルイー Feb 17 @ 2:33am 
Avery プルイー Feb 17 @ 2:33am