Sarjyo   Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Clear Decals:
bind w "+forward;r_cleardecals";bind a "+moveleft;r_cleardecals";bind s "+back;r_cleardecals";bind d "+moveright;r_cleardecals"

Bomb Drop Bind:
bind q "use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1"

Jump Throw Bind:
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind alt "+jumpthrow"

Grenade Bind:
bind z "use weapon_flashbang";bind x "use weapon_smokegrenade";bind c "use weapon_hegrenade";bind v "use weapon_molotov;use weapon_incgrenade"

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SHER-E-HIND Apr 5 @ 11:03pm 
Hi bro. I am from Ukraine - Kyev . Now we have war with Russia. My city was bombed by Russian planes.I hope you are against this war. My family and I had to move to another city where they don't shoot.Hard situation in all Ukraine. I would like to ask you invite Skeet, its the best cheat for me. But really I cant get invite any ways. Now I cant play cuz I havent PC but I Hope after war I will come to my home and I will play in CS GO as before. Skeet dont return me my home But It will make me happy and It will really pleasure for me If i will get The best cheat in World. Sorry for waste your time :)
i fell off hard Apr 4 @ 3:57am 
karmta hai
i fell off hard Feb 1 @ 5:24am 
sarjyo vai aa gya vai mein aapke kehne pe <333
i fell off hard Dec 15, 2021 @ 5:56am 
karmta hai
m1 Dec 5, 2021 @ 9:46pm 
इश्क़ है या कुछ और ये पता नहीं
पर जो तुमसे है किसी और से नहीं

मै कैसे कहू की उसका साथ कैसा है
वो एक शख्स पुरे कायनात जैसा है

तेरा होना ही मेरे लिये खास है
तू दूर ही सही मगर मेरे दिल के पास है

मुझे तेरा साथ ज़िन्दगी भर नहीं चाहिये
बल्कि जब तक तू साथ है तबतक ज़िन्दगी चाहिए

तुझसे मोहब्बत कुछ अलग सी है मेरी
तुझे खयालो में नहीं दुआओ में याद करते है