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So this game is an interesting one. You play as a badass Viking woman on a sort of quest through a mythical world. The setting is dark, the narration is intentionally bleak, and the powers that be are ominous. This game is heavily story driven, and the game itself can be completed fairly quickly.

The story is pretty interesting. I wont spoil it for people who want to play this game, but it does a very good job of making you understand how full of dread the protagonist is. For me, the story was fun to play through and the ending was pretty clever. However I wouldn't play the game again, and I wouldn't recomend the game to my friends.

It is not that the game istn't good. It's pretty neat. But there are things with the title that I find to be problematic. The pacing feels awefully slow, and this is attributed to the overal speed of everything that happens in the game. The game consists of visual puzzles, short but cathartic fights, and a lot of walking. A LOT of walking. You don't walk fast. You don't run fast either. There is a LOT of down time in this game where you are just jogging slowly from one place to another listening to some narration. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just happens a lot, and while the scenery is interesting there are a lot of times where you are forced to backtrack through an area that you have already been through because the exit is the same as the entrance which you have run back through the many puzzles areas you just solved to get to. The combat system is simple and doesn't really change from the the beginning of the game to the end, and new mechanics aren't often introduced.

Another thing that bothered me was that, while important to the story and the portrayal of phsycosis, there are annoying voices in your head the whole game. They repeat themselves over and over again and say the same sort of things throughout the whole game until the very end. They aren't super helpful most of the time, and while you can turn their volume down or off, their volume controls also effect Druth's lore tablet talks as well. Senua also talks to them sometimes so having them off would probably not make sense in some areas. Because of this I found putting headphones on to be a headache.

The game isn't bad, it just isn't super exciting and even though I finished it and was glad I did I don't feel like it was a very defining experience for me.
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