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Rocket Man

When life gets you down []
I like doggos []

Aussie Drops(since all the cool kids are doing it)
Pre 100: Idk
104: Eyelander
192: Medi-Gun
347: Black Box
466: Rocket Launcher #1
468: Rocket Launcer #2
Reset at 473
Post Reset
19: FlameThrower

10: Axtinguisher
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special moments
11:03 PM - sue: you suck
11:03 PM - NotLuminous: ily 2
11:04 PM - sue: :|

6:01 PM - khexi: morning love
6:02 PM - khexi: it's 7 pm nevermind hey

11:31 AM - notluminous: i didnt know you were a lesbian
11:31 AM - Misanthropologist: me either
11:31 AM - Misanthropologist: gamer girls are just irresistable
11:31 AM - notluminous: apparently
11:32 AM - Misanthropologist: so rare and precious, I have to keep them safe from the neckbeards

11:11 PM - Misanthropologist: you're homo milk

2:40 AM - |TvM| t143`: you're a snow mexican

10:21 PM - Pink Mumford: Keep telling yourself that drunky

4:08 AM - Pink Mumford: Love is like a dildo bat. Long and weaponized

9:37 PM - notluminous: brofist
9:37 PM - notluminous: no homo
9:37 PM - Keith Stone: fist me harder
9:37 PM - Keith Stone: no homo
9:37 PM - notluminous: you realize this is going on the wall
9:38 PM - Keith Stone: if you dont fist me harder its going to cost extra
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4 medics works on Hamma Jamma
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tf2 keeps me alive
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Newguy39 Mar 21 @ 4:48pm 
enjoy never getting a pan you waste of life :)
Spring Mar 19 @ 8:22am 
you are very pro but you are just a poor bastard, who bothered you more? the aussie or who had an unusual with less tours than you? by the way, very fun to dedicate yourself to throwing companions to the shredder during the game, says a lot about you ...
notluminous Mar 7 @ 7:03am 
thanks dude, at least I don't ♥♥♥♥♥ afk in spawn when there's 6 minutes left in a payload map ;]
Double D 944 Mar 7 @ 6:20am 
kicked me cause I carried too hard so you got jealous, nice. Im sorry for how salty you are. keep up the good losing streak!
notluminous Feb 8 @ 8:09pm 
I'm actually the king of my own sovereign nation, it's just I keep it hidden. Good enough? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
naic hat Feb 8 @ 6:14pm 
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