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.david_bowie: you've gone too long without the meme shots
.david_bowie: its time for your anal check up
.david_bowie: OH FUCK
.david_bowie: ANNUAL*
Silver Light: oH GOD WHY
Silver Light: NO
Silver Light: OH NO
Silver Light: /Y OH NO
.david_bowie: DADDY'S HERE

.isocade: YES
.isocade: I FINALLY
.isocade: DID IT
.isocade: KYLE I DID IT
Silver Light: did what
Silver Light: a what
.isocade: its a running meme
Silver Light: oh
.isocade: bane posting
.isocade: i was in the JSR chat
Silver Light: i wonder if that's the bane of anyone's existance
.isocade: someone said that the
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Silver Light: :D


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sometimes you just gotta smack a bitch
Xera Jul 15 @ 11:58pm 
Impulse 🇳🇿 Jun 10 @ 1:14am 
Hello my friend, this is the administrator of♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
We have noticed you haven't logged in for 2 weeks, we're just checking to see that everything is okay with our biggest fan. Since you visited us last time we've updated the Gay section with many videos we know you will enjoy. See you soon!
バイブ尻 えろす Apr 26 @ 2:40pm 
This person above me is 1000% gay ^
Impulse 🇳🇿 Apr 20 @ 9:33pm 
*sits on the Silver*
Xera Mar 9 @ 8:09pm 
Taught me how to find love in Vrchat <3
Crashie Feb 10 @ 7:02pm 
butt horse