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yea it's quite alright
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FATTY Jul 8 @ 6:31pm 
rip sinister
rudy May 4 @ 6:49pm 
But you and your DUMBASS staff like do punish when people do nothing wrong;...
rudy May 4 @ 6:49pm 
Like cmon dude, you really ban without ANY investigation? If you asked I wouldve GLADLY screenshared on discord with you.
rudy May 4 @ 6:49pm 
Especially that I dont even have esp, I would like you to PROVE that I have esp.
rudy May 4 @ 6:47pm 
Add me, I really want to talk about my ban
minty Apr 14 @ 10:14pm 
+rep chad but he wont tell me how many yeezeys he has