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Early Access Review
I got one sentence for you: "This game is amazing and is headed on the right track to glory."

Words cannot describe how great it feels to play this, this game supports workshop, this game let's you have your own personal space to customize. One time I saw a condo that was basically the entire world of Super Mario 64!

Even though it took a little bit to load, it looked beautiful and well made. In tower unite there is almost no limits and this game still has a long way to go. Every update is just one step closer to victory.

Even though it seems as though the loading times are extremely painful and the playerbase is quite slim, im waiting till lobby 3~! (It comes out early 2019 and once it does, loading times will no longer be a problem~)

Lemme talk about some small other things about this game that I like~ The currency is very easy to obtain, and there is many MANY things that you can buy. I gotta say Virus is one of the best party games I've played. It gets really intense and fun, if PvP isn't your style, there's a game called Zombie Massacre within it, providing PvE entertainment.

Since I talked about the 2 games currently in Tower Unite, let me spread some positivity on the other games~

Ball Race! Very simplistic but also a bit challenging.

Little Crusaders! Quite an adorable game where you push a button on a dragon's back to win~

Minigolf! Great game to play if you're eating and enjoy the vast calming and soft environment.

Planet Panic! Currently in alpha, but an adorable CTF inspired game where it's Cats VS Dogs~

4 more games are coming soon, Accelerate is holding my hype currently which is a kart racing game~

Overall I recommend this game for people looking for a good game~
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