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PLEASE! COMMENT BEFORE YOU TRY TO ADD ME! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO ADD ME! Oh also, I do tend to change my icon and name from time to time, so I suggest you give me a nickname~

Just wanna say this first, I LOVE to roleplay so, if you're searching come and talk to me~ I have a bunch of characters that are within pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fandoms.

A 'little' bit about me:

:8bitheart: Age: I'd rather not share such a thing.

:8bitheart: Gender: Maaaaale

:8bitheart: Sexuality: Bisexual.

:8bitheart: I main Negev, Aug, and SG-553, I almost never use the AK-47.

:8bitheart: I'm a Mei main.

:8bitheart: I play only on moat servers in TTT.

:8bitheart: I love point and click adventure games (especially the ones that are entirely educational as well. Like, Jumpstart and Putt-Putt.) and racing games~

:8bitheart: I luv pancakes and cakes~ :os_pancakes: :os_pancakes: :tacotreat: :tacotreat:

:8bitheart: I give almost every furry a warm welcome when I seem them in a lobby that im in~

:8bitheart: I am NOT AN ARTIST. I commission people for my art, please do not assume that I do art, I WRITE. If you would like to commission or trade (either steam trade or art trade) something for me to write up about, come and message me. :>


I am your average person lol jk im your average fur.

You've just been inspired by a liar,
and then you were betrayed by who you thought was full of love but actually had too much of it. But hold on to the ones you truly love. and don't get so down in the blue.
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This is absolutely stunning and huge. This game has a very unique take on Metroidvania games, plus amazing unique characters, bosses, and areas. The story is a little hard to understand but going further into the game you'll learn more. Dying is quite a pain but, live and learn is how it goes when I play this game. The characters are what make me play the game more because I actually really like some of them like Grimm and Quirrel . I expect to see other characters with the same amount of uniqueness as I play and it is given. You did absolutely amazing team cherry and I recommend this game to anyone that hasn't played it and or is blind to it's story.

Overall this game is amazing, and I can't wait for silksong. c:
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Kashio Jul 4 @ 3:04pm 
Again, you are welcome, heh~ ^_^ Anytime!
Subconite Note Jul 4 @ 3:03pm 
Aaaa thank you and also same! ;v;
Kashio Jul 4 @ 3:00pm 
You are welcome friend! I like leaving comments every now and then :x3: Heh
Subconite Note Jul 4 @ 2:54pm 
AAAA Thank you Kashio! I wish I could give ya a rep! :8bitheart:
Kashio Jul 4 @ 2:27pm 
You have a lovely profile! Have a nice day fellow Tower Unite player o:
Shaxx Jun 26 @ 5:01pm