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Steam Input configurations
🤚 Hi! I create Steam Controller configurations for various games that catch my attention. These configurations are all labeled, always use controller HUDs, and they try to respect the developers intended design for a game controller. These are provided as-is with no extra support.

👉 Copy and paste these into your browser's address bar, and accept the Steam Bootstrapper popup to see and import them.


⭕ The Elder Scrolls Online: steam://controllerconfig/306130/1557113896
⭕ Warframe: steam://controllerconfig/230410/1690488705
⭕ Apex Legends: steam://controllerconfig/apex%20legends/1786425336
⭕ Killing Floor 2: steam://controllerconfig/232090/1786428087
⭕ Watch_Dogs 2 (Non-Steam)): coming soon!
⭕ Secret World Legends: steam://controllerconfig/215280/1096759168
⭕ Defiance 2050: steam://controllerconfig/743090/1779429663
⭕ AdventureQuest 3D: steam://controllerconfig/429790/1701828435
⭕ Spacelords: steam://controllerconfig/436180/1525207749
⭕ MapleStory 2: steam://controllerconfig/560380/1537569914
⭕ Heavy Metal Machines: steam://controllerconfig/331360/1537587433


⭕ Starbound: coming soon!
⭕ Stellaris: coming soon!
⭕ Metrocide: steam://controllerconfig/313130/909307207
⭕ RymdResa: steam://controllerconfig/269690/903333095
⭕ NO THING: steam://controllerconfig/444800/908645835