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Well, it's definitely something else. Think of this as less of a conventional shooter and more of a "I-forgot-my-ammo-at-home-I'm-gonna-use-this-stick-to-beat-up-enraged-homeless-people-on-the-subway-survival-horror" type of game, with a little sprinkle of detective work elements thrown in there for good measure.

+ Offers more of the dark gritty atmosphere and psychological horror elements Monolith had previously showcased with FEAR
+ Interesting gameplay (for the most part) - combat is based on a simple but effective melee system (strike, parry, strike) while guns are fairly sporadic and limited in usefulness
+ Some genuinely unique and interesting set pieces

- Story is a hamfisted mess of a thing that mixes B-movie plots and horror elements, narrated by Greg Bunberg for some reason
- Throughout the game, movement feels unnaturally slow and clunky - pace is grueling slow even when sprinting, you can't jump or crouch, and trivial little things that go as high up as up to your knee block your path and box you into the route the developers intended for you. (As far as movement goes, it feels like a bad console port - which it is)
- Some of that clunckyness has also seeped into the combat mechanics as well - attacks don't register properly sometimes, movement is unaturally hindered
- Gameplay can get really old, really fast - The monotonous gameplay is mostly broken up by occasional difficulty spikes
- Cluncky, unpredictable combat + horrible checkpoint save system = some downright rage quit educing moments
- Core gameplay ludonarrative dissonance - you're basically a top FBI investigator looking to clear your name by bashing the heads of a few hundred addicts, psychopaths and evil hallucinations
- Jupiter Ex engine still has some nice visuals going for it (even after a decade), but this build of the engine is pretty badly optimized - expect glitches and frame rate issues even on modern machines

For the most part, this game is an interesting counterpart to FEAR - a lot less action, gameplay and replay-ability, but more... experimentation I guess (with mixed results). If you've liked FEAR and you can endure an interesting (but aggravating) combat system and the B-movie premise, you definitely should check this one out.

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