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Personal Achievements

The Runaway

Escaped with the help of Fredrick!

The Great Escape

Cleared the 'Cats' Hideout' dungeon!

Welcome Home

Returned to Shirin!

The Notorious Scholar

Partnered up with Rex!

The Ancient Scroll

Cleared the 'Beneath the Tower' dungeon!

The Treasure Hunt

Reminisced about Sami!

Beware of the White Mask

Escaped from the White Mask's clutches!

She's Got Attitude

Partnered up with Sayo the spy!

A Stash of Relics

Found Karim's hidden stash of relics!


Cleared the 'Sanctum of Noora' dungeon!

Nairi Will Find Us, Someday

Thank you for completing NAIRI: Tower of Shirin!

The Connoisseur

Unlocked all VIP Club concept art!

The Collector

Found tons of hidden coins!

The First of Many

Collected your first item!

They Go Together

Pulled off your first item combination!

Oh, Shiny!

Found your first coin!

The VIP Club

Found the VIP Club!

A Cool Hat

It's not THAT ugly...

Penguin Paradox

Sometimes, it just fits!


Got a slap on the head!