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Personal Achievements

Bounty Hunter

You hunted down three monsters for a bounty.

The Stone Circles

Get the blessings from five stone circles. Glorious gifts await!

Dedicated Reader

You've read 15 books.

Determined Collector

You've found 8 of the Xian items.

Skilled Artisan

Craft five nice magic items.

Patron of Alchemy

Have 12 potions made.


Find 50 outdoor locations.

Footloose and Fancy Free

Find 150 outdoor locations.

Student of Magery

Get five mage spells to level 3.

Master of Magery

Get ten mage spells to level 3.


Get twenty mage spells to level 3.


Get five priest spells to level 3.


Get ten priest spells to level 3.

High Priest

Get twenty priest spells to level 3.

Breaking Evil Rocks

Sanctify five altars.

Lord of the Shovel

Dig up 50 caches.

The End of Magic

Join the Anama!

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