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Personal Achievements

This is only the beginning

Survive the first mission

Watch them crumble

Defeat Agrolekh

Celestial Cartography Catastrophe

Defeat Ekropis

Fleshy Disposal

Defeat Ubjao

Vivisected Vizier

Defeat Mhelob

Architect Abortion

Defeat Neftusk

Knowledge is power

Have a Tech-Priest unlock a full Discipline tree

One with the Machine

Have a Tech-Priest unlock two full Discipline trees

Half a cog

Reach 50% in the awakening gauge

No aid from the Omnissiah

Complete a mission without using any Canticles

Competent Cohort

Reach a four Tech-Priest cohort

Cohortus Maximus

Reach a six Tech-Priest cohort

Power Ranger

Unlock Skitarii Ranger Alpha

Galvanic Rifle

Unlock Skitarii Ranger

Taser Goad

Unlock Skitarii Vanguard Alpha

Radium Ready

Unlock Skitarii Vanguard

Battle Servitor

Unlock Kataphron Breacher

Legio Cybernetica

Unlock Kastelan Robot

Ding Dong Szaregon's Gone

Defeat Szaregon

Impatient destruction

Defeat Szaregon before the final countdown

Sterile Perfection

Side with Videx

Mother of Xenarites

Side with Scaevola

False God

Find and unlock a hidden moment


Complete the game in hard mode


Complete the game in Very Hard mode

Melee Machine

Complete the game with the setting "Melee Only" selected at the start of a game


Complete the game with the setting "AoE weapon" disabled at the start of a game

Zero to Hero

Complete the game after starting with 0 Blackstone

No Omnissian Guidance

Complete the game with the setting "Canticle number" equals 0 at the start of a game

Not the Men-of-Iron

Complete the game with the "Ironman" mode activated


Complete the game with the "Permadeath" mode activated

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