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S nami Bog!

Unlock all specializations for the Frontovik.

Za veru, Tsarya i otechestvo

Unlock all specializations for the Cossacks.

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter

Unlock all specializations for the K.u.K. Trupp.

Gott Mit Uns

Unlock all specializations for the Infanterie.


Cut off at least 3 enemy sectors.

This Belongs to Us Now

Capture 10 enemy sectors.

For the Emperor

Win 10 games as the Central Powers.

From Russia with Love

Win 10 matches as the Entente Powers.

Together As One

Be part of the top scoring squad in a match.

Road to Berlin

Playing as the Entente Powers, capture the enemy HQ.

Express to Petrograd

Playing as the Central Powers, capture the enemy HQ.

Gavrilo Princip

Get the first kill in a match.


Playing as the K.u.K, lose a battle in the Carpathians.

Night Owl

Complete a match on a night map.


Complete a match on a snowy map.

Fog of War

Complete a match on a foggy map.


Kill an enemy while shooting through an object.


Die 10 seconds after spawning.

Hawk Eye

Get a kill from 150m.

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!

Check out the credits screen.

Talk Much?

Used voice commands 50 times.

Don't Be Shy!

Used voice chat.

Bossing Around

Issue 10 command orders.

Your Family Will Be Proud...

Die from falling down.

Democracy Works!

Have your entire squad agree on a vote to change the squad name or type.

Equality For All

Switch to other team when asked for autobalance.


Chop off someone's limbs with a sword.


Get a kill while injured.

Switch, Please!

Perform a role switch.

I've Seen It All

Fight in every weather condition.


Get killed by your own grenade.

Ring Ring!

Call in Artillery or Recon from a sector.

At Least This Way I Can Win...

Start a private match.

Steady Supply

Resupply your ammo.

Crack Shot

Exhaust all your revolver ammo without missing a shot.

Forward Observer

Make a successful retreat

Immovable object

Shoot an enemy while being suppressed or shaken by artillery.

To Arms! To Arms!

Using a sword, kill an opponent who is also using a sword.


Kill 5 NCO's in a match.


Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade or call in.

Living on the Edge

Kill 3 people with a sabre in an enemy held capture zone.

From Russia with Hate

Kill 25 enemies with artillery as the Entente Powers.

Pure Krupp Steel

Kill 25 enemies with artillery as the Central Powers.


Kill 10 people with a heavy machine gun in a single life.

Close Call

Win a game with a points difference of 100 or less.

Skynet Confirmed

Get killed by bots 50 times.


Get 7 squad spawns on a single life as NCO.


Win 25 Gold Medals.


Make 5 kills within the first two minutes of the match.

Cheeki Breeki

As Frontovik, while crouched, get 3 grenade kills.


Get 10 kills with swords.

Anyone Else?

Kill 4+ enemies in a capture zone.

Stronghold Denied

Kill an enemy soldier manning a heavy machine gun with a head shot.


In a single life, take damage from melee attacks and gun shots from a player or players, before being killed by someone entirely different.

Phone It In

Get 50 artillery kills using trench phones.


Visit every sector in a Maneuver match.

Strength in Numbers

Capture an enemy sector alongside 10 or more other people.

Seeing is Believing

Club someone to death with binoculars.

Before the Leaves Fall

Be the first to get killed by an enemy in a game.

Information is Key

Have a look at the overview map.

This is MY machine gun!

Kick a bot off of a heavy machine gun.

Lucky Shot

Damage two enemies with one bullet.

Lost Batallion

Become cut-off in a sector.


Playing as the Infanterie, win a battle in East Prussia.

Lead Harvest

Kill 25 enemies with a HMG.

Pe aici nu se trece

Unlock all specializations for the Roumanians

Na Nozh!

Unlock all specializations for the Bulgarians

Pulcējaties zem latviešu karogiem!

Unlock all specializations for the Latvians.