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Unlocked Mar 25 @ 3:55am


Survive a plane crash
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:06am

Rest in peace

Die for the first time
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:00am

Junior Compsognathus Hunter

Hunt 1 Compsognathus
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:04am

Junior Gallimimus Hunter

Hunt 1 Gallimimus
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:15am

Junior Stegosaurus Hunter

Hunt 1 Stegosaurus
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 4:08am

Junior Raptor Hunter

Hunt 1 Raptor

Junior Parasaurolophus Hunter

Hunt 1 Parasaurolophus

Junior Triceratops Hunter

Hunt 1 Triceratops

Junior Deinonychus Hunter

Hunt 1 Deinonychus

Junior TRex Hunter

Hunt 1 TRex

Junior Ankylosaurus Hunter

Hunt 1 Ankylosaurus

Professional Compsognathus Hunter

Hunt 10 Compsognathus

Professional Gallimimus Hunter

Hunt 10 Gallimimus

Professional Parasaurolophus Hunter

Hunt 5 Parasaurolophus

Professional Triceratops Hunter

Hunt 4 Triceratops

Professional Stegosaurus Hunter

Hunt 3 Stegosaurus

Professional Raptor Hunter

Hunt 10 Raptors

Professional Deinonychus Hunter

Hunt 4 Deinonychus

Professional TRex Hunter

Hunt 2 TRex

Professional Ankylosaurus Hunter

Hunt 2 Ankylosaurus