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High Five Me Again, Yeah

You high fived the arm one too many times.

We Don't Go There

You entered the forbidden mouse hole.

Kvlt Grooves

You used the kvlt code to get the kvlt black metal audio tape.


You installed a virus in IT.

Carpal Tunnel Revenue

You pressed the ad button 10000 times and skipped the puzzle. You also may have carpal tunnel.

Down in the Dungeon

You found the Lich King Dungeon. (Steve's holiday house)

High Fidelity

You collected all the audio tapes.

Toast My Buns

You dated a toaster. Your buns are now nice and toasy.

Quak Me Hard

You dated a duck-human. The rumours are true.

Oh My What Long Arms You Have

You dated a noodle hands mutant. Flexibility is a blessing.

Succulent Space Odyseey

You bid a farewell to a space cactus.

Keeps Me Company

You defended yourself in the way only way you know how.


You listened to Doug drop some phat beatsies.

Qualified IT Consultant

You listened to enough IT advice, you could probably get mid tier IT consulting job.

There's No Place Like Wall

You talked to the Man in the Wall.

Crowd Pleaser

You learned some sweet dance moves.


You listened to a fridge drop some phat rhymes


You completed Paradigm. Dope.