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Personal Achievements

First blood

Win your first fight
0 / 1

Seasoned warrior

Win 10 fights (multiple playthroughs)
0 / 10


Win 50 fights (multiple playthroughs)
0 / 50


Win a fight with only one character

Triple Kill

Defeat 3 enemies with single attack


Win a fight with 2 looters in your team


Deal more than 15 damage in a single hit

Sucks to be you

Accumulate 10 negative traits on one character

Dark was the night...

Spend a night without fire

Death in Vinland

Lose a character


Explore 10 areas


Explore 50 areas


Explore 100 areas


Explore every area of the island

A village is born

Craft all stations in the camp

Master builder

Craft 75 upgrades (multiple playthroughs)
0 / 75

Master blacksmith

Forge 150 items (multiple playthroughs)
0 / 150


Raise 5 sheeps simultaneously

The small angry dude

Convince Egill to join your cause

The scrawny smug warrior

Convince Njall to join your cause

The giant sword wielding woman

Convince Gwendolen to join your cause

The silent hunter

Convince Grim to join your cause

Good Little Ponies

Give the maximum tribute to Elof

We are not alone!

Recruit your first ally

You're fired!

Kick a character


Have 10 characters in your village

Nobody will be left behind

Finish the game without losing anyone (min. Survival difficulty)

Nice little vacation

Finish the game (Nice Vacation difficulty)

True survivor

Finish the game (Survival difficulty)

Ready for Ragnarök

Finish the game (Extreme Conditions difficulty)

You play better than the devs

Finish the game (Survival difficulty and True Viking)

You're not human

Finish the game (Extreme Conditions difficulty and True Viking)

I'm the best at what I do

Get a skill up to 100

Skilled survivor

Get a character to level 5

Expert survivor

Get a character to level 10


Get a character to level 15

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