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Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:48pm

Green Devil

Unlock Green Devil
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:47pm

The Taurus

Unlock The Taurus
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:47pm

El Naranjo

Unlock El Naranjo
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:52pm

Neo Storm

Unlock Neo Storm
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:53pm

Night Rider

Unlock Night Rider
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 5:53pm

Speed Demon

Unlock Speed Demon
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 11:58pm

Turbo Blade

Unlock Turbo Blade
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 12:01am


Unlock Furia
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 8:47pm


Unlock X-1984