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Personal Achievements

God's Trigger

Collect all achievements.

Sheriff's Badge

Complete all levels of Chapter I.

Chef's Fork

Complete all levels of Chapter II.

Biker's Bandana

Complete all levels of Chapter III.

Soldier's Dog Tag

Complete all levels of Chapter IV.

Apocalypse Untriggered

Complete the game in story mode.

The Number of the Beast

Kill 666 enemies.
0 / 666

Talent for Violence

Perform a 5x combo kill.

Natural Born Killer

Perform a 10x combo kill streak.

Combo King

Perform a 20x combo kill streak.

Pro Gamer

Finish one non-tutorial level without dying.

A-grade Student

Finish all levels with an A grade.

Supreme Warrior

Finish all levels with an S grade.


Finish a level in co-op mode.

Double Trouble

Finish all chapters in co-op mode.

No Rest for the Wicked

Finish all levels in arcade mode.

Helljoy Amateur

Collect one full set of Helljoy Magazine pages.

Helljoy Subscriber

Collect all Helljoy Magazine pages sets.

One-Bullet Sermon

Kill 3 enemies with 1 shot of the revolver.

Get Over Here!

Steal 30 weapons using Judy's upgraded chain.
0 / 30

Not the Demon You're Looking For

Make Mind Control possessed opponents to kill 30 other enemies.
0 / 30

Vacuum Cleaner

Suck 6 enemies into a single vortex using the Dark Vortex ability.


Confuse enemies with the Mirror Image ability 30 times.
0 / 30

Rest in Pieces

Kill 30 enemies with the Exploding Corpses ability.
0 / 30

Hot as Hell

Kill 4 enemies at once with an exploding projectile shot through the Fire Wall.

Never Saw Him Coming

Kill 3 enemies at once when using the Invisibility ability.

Keep the Change

Kill 30 enemies with a deflected bullet using the upgraded Divine Shield ability.
0 / 30

Time Bandit

Freeze 6 enemies in time simultaneously using the Time Freeze ability.

Use the Force

Smash 10 enemies against the wall with the upgraded Holy Push ability.
0 / 10

The Holy Bubble

Catch 30 enemies in a trap using the Time Bubble ability.
0 / 30


Kill 5 enemies with Judy's upgraded teleport ability.
0 / 5

Hold the Door!

Kill 5 enemies by knocking out doors with Harry's upgraded dash ability.
0 / 5

Sure Shot

Kill 3 enemies with a single sniper bullet in chapter III level 4.

Deadly Silence

Kill all enemies in chapter IV level 1.

Silence is Golden

Stealth kill 20 enemies.
0 / 20

Eyes on the Prize

Kill 20 marked enemies.
0 / 20

Great Minds Think Alike

Make 30 Synchro Kills while playing in co-op mode.
0 / 30


Perform 10 executions.
0 / 10

Heaven's Finest

Reach level 30 with Harry.

Devil's Daughter

Reach level 30 with Judy.

God Bless You

Find all of the hidden perk chests.