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Personal Achievements

Finale: World 1

Completed the World 1 Finale

Finale: World 2

Completed the World 2 Finale

Finale: World 3

Completed the World 3 Finale

Finale: World 4

Completed the World 4 Finale

Finale: World 5

Completed the World 5 Finale

Finale: World 6

Completed the World 6 Finale

Finale: World 7

Completed the World 7 Finale

The Whole Happy Family

Find Your Pets

Safari Zone

Complete a Zoo Level

Lover In A Cage

Complete a Trap Level


Complete a Smorgasbord Level

Say Cheese!

Complete a Camerabooth Level

Butter And Syrup

Complete a Pancake House Level

Quick Reflexes

Complete a Gauntlet Level

Photographer: Snapshot

Find a Photograph
0 / 1

Photographer: Photo Album

Find 10 Photographs
0 / 10

Photographer: Precious Memories

Find Every Photograph
0 / 36

Balanced Breakfast

Beat a level with 3 Pancakes

Pancakes Forever

Collect 213 Pancakes
0 / 213

Speedrun Strats

Find a Secret Exit

Skull Skills

Knock down every skull in Level 1-2

Beep Beep!

Flatten enemies with cars 10 times (friendly zombies do not count, must start the car yourself)
0 / 10

Prolific Artist

Paint and sculpt 250 pieces of art
0 / 250

Six Pounder

Blow up 6 Pirate Lackeys with your own cannonballs
0 / 6

Welcome To The Jungle

Zombify every Spearhuman and Bowhuman in Level 5-5 (they MUST be eaten, they cannot blow up unless they've already been eaten)

The Experiment

Free a human from stasis

Exotic Snacks

Eat at least two aliens, one Starfolk, and three humans in Level 7-7

Fall In Love: Traffic Patrol

Two cone heads fall in love

Fall In Love: Shy Zombies

Two shy zombies fall in love

Fall In Love: Artists

Two artists fall in love

Fall In Love: Works of Art

Two painted works of art fall in love

Fall In Love: Overcaffeinated

Two overcaffeinated zombies fall in love

Fall In Love: Batteries

Two batteries fall in love

Fall In Love: Superstars

Two star zombies fall in love

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