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Personal Achievements

Forward to the Past

Complete the Tutorial

Best Friends Forever

Enter the Chaos Trials in co-op mode

Feel the Burn

Defeat Flame Empress Zeal

Party like a Rock Star

Defeat Earth Lord Atlas

Breaking the Ice

Defeat Frost Queen Freiya

Wizard of Legend

Defeat Master Sura


Land a 50 hit combo on any boss

Flawless Victory

Defeat a boss without taking damage

The Turn

Unlock 50 arcana

Heart of the Cards

Unlock 99 arcana

Indie Collector

Unlock 50 relics

All the Things!

Unlock 99 relics

I Make This Look Good

Unlock 9 outfits

Happy Birthday

Defeat Taffy 5 times

Truly Outrageous

Hold 999 chaos gems at one time


Destroy 99 paintings during the Chaos Trials

Gotta Go Fast

Clear the Chaos Trials in 25 minutes

Danger is My Middle Name

Hold 4 cursed relics

Ordered Chaos

Unlock 3 chaos arcana