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Personal Achievements

Premature Death

First Game Over.

The Trail of the Beast

Escaped from the beast for the first time.

A Key

To find the house key.

That was Close

Enter the house for the first time.

Maybe Combining These in Here…


To find the first piece of ritual paper.

Now It’s Six

To find every piece of ritual papers.

7 candles, 6 dolls

“Finish the ritual for the first time.

The First Conclusion Is Never the Last One

Finish the game for the first time (any ending).

AM or FM?

Turn on the radio for the first time.

Anything But Comfortable Room

Investigate the whole main room of the house.

Messy Bedroom

Investigate the whole bedroom of the house.

Dark Corridor

Investigate the whole corridor of the house.

Obscure Bathroom

Investigate the whole bathroom of the house.

Empty Kitchen

Investigate the whole kitchen of the house.

Cursed House

Investigate the whole house.

Maybe I’m Getting the Hang

Escaped 15 times of the Beast.

I Found Everything

To find every item in the game (including the secret ones).

Here Are All the Clues

To find all the clues in the game.

7 Maries

Identify the 7 Maries.

Fools Rush In

Get the WORST Ending.

The Beast is in a Hurry, The Beast is Starved

Get the BAD Ending.

Ritual is Done, That’s all…?

Get the GOOD Ending.

The Mystery Was Totally Solved

Get the GREAT Ending.

The Finalist

Get all the endings.

Rebirth of ‘Maria Bonita’

Meh, that’s supposed to be a maze?

Kissing Death

Confronting the Beast.

Only Exists in Legend

Who is ‘Cabeça de Cuia’?

‘Carcará’ Wings

Faster than ‘carcará’.

Bullet from ‘Lampião’

Faster than a bullet.

Cursed One

Obtain all trophies.

Hungry, Huuungry…

It still working?

Fearless Woman

Escaped from the Beast many many times

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