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Poppi'n Heads!

Get 100 headshots in one match.


Help your friend in need.

I'm Rich!

Own atleast 5000$ in one match

Blood Waster!

Fight your way to round 20.

Such An Meaty Strike!

Get 5 meats in a single game from the fridge.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Kill 15 zombies with a katana, and 25 with saw in one match.

Rank 10!

Get promoted to rank 10.

Rank 30!

Get promoted to rank 30.

One Hour!

You have played ZKW for an hour.

5 Hours!

You have wasted 5 hours of your life.

10 Hours!

And still going?

15 Hours!

Go see your friends!

Get Back In Da Grave!

Slaughter 5000 zombies in total.

I Told You To Get Back!

Slaughter 10 000 zombies in total.

Hack'n Slash!

Slice 53 zombies in one match.

Tank Dispencer!

Encounter all 3 tanks, and get them killed.

You Smell That?

Grill 50 zombies with flame in a single match.

Ima Fire With Mah Lazor!

Get the GiGaGirlGannon, and kill 10 zombies within 10 seconds.

Mah Boomstick!

Get a shotgun, and make 20 zombies crawl in front of you.

I Want To Be Free!

Open all areas in a single match.

I'm Not A Wise Man!

Get yourself killed with a grenade. Dumbass.

Where Am I Going?

Stand still for 30 seconds, wondering about your life.

Hide And Seek!

Find the fridge and make it disappear. Repeat 3 times.

Air Kill!

Zombies are not ment to fly.


Kill the zombie bear before he takes your money.

Feeling Sick!

Survive 4 minutes in Abandoned Hospital. (Challenge mode)

Getting Colder!

Survive 4 minutes in RedSnow. (Challenge mode)

Black Friday!

Survive 4 minutes in Night At The Mall. (Challenge mode)


Survive 4 minutes in Arise. (Challenge mode)

Rocket Scientist!

Survive 4 minutes in Area 73. (Challenge mode)


Survive 4 minutes in Homerun. (Challenge mode)