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Unleash a large barrage. Deal 20 damage or more in a single attack.

Battle Tested

Win a battle.

The Hero We Need

Defeat all core game Villains.

The Hero We Deserve

Defeat all core game Villains on Advanced.

Protector of Worlds

Win a battle in each core game Environment.

Flawless Victory

Achieve victory without a scratch. Win a battle with all Heroes at full HP.

Compounded Ether Fist

Variety is the spice of pain! Deal 100 damage of each type across all battles.

Settle the Scores

You won't get away with it this time! Defeat 10 Nemeses with the nemesis dealing the final blow.


Did you bring the band-aids? Restore 200 HP to hero targets across all battles.

That was Close!

Win a battle by the skin of your teeth - a single hero standing, with only 1 HP remaining.

Mobbed by Paparazzi

It can make you feel so powerless. Defeat any Villain without using powers the entire battle.

Extreme Hostage Situation

This IS a card game, right? Defeat any Villain without a hero card entering play the entire battle.

Redirection Misdirection

Who are you even aiming at? Redirect a single instance of damage at least 5 times.


Spread the love of Sentinels online. Play a multiplayer game with Handelabra Games, Greater Than Games, or someone who has.

Challenge Accepted

Defeat all core game Villains on Challenge Mode.

The Ultimate Hero

Defeat all core game Villains on Ultimate Mode.

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