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Personal Achievements

All successes unlocked

You have unlocked all successes.


Visit all places marked on the map.

Education for everyone

Build a school.

Some exercise will be good for you

Build the sports area.

Like a fish in the water.

Build the swimming pool.

Pack elephant

Transport 1000 objects with the flatbed truck.

Pack Donkey

Transport 100 objects with the flatbed truck.

Pack Llama

Transport 500 objects with the flatbed truck.

Track Vehicle King

Drive 10 km in a track vehicle

Tracked Vehicle Trainee

Drive 1 km in a track vehicle

Track Vehicle Master

Drive 5 km in a track vehicle


Earn ¢ 2,000,000 with construction contracts.

Bootstrap Puller

Earn ¢ 100,000 with construction contracts.

Rising Through the Ranks

Earn ¢ 500,000 with construction contracts.

Professional Driver

Drive 1000 km.

Supply Driver

Drive 10 km.

Frequent Driver

Drive 100 km.

Slaved away 600 minutes

Play for 10 hours.

Dabbled 60 minutes

Play for one hour.

Toiled 300 minutes

Play for 5 hours.

Big Company

Finish 100 building projects completely on your own.

Small Business

Finish 10 building projects completely on your own.

Medium-sized Business

Finish 50 building projects on your own.

Pump King

Finish 50 concrete mixing missions.

Pump Intern

Finish 10 concrete mixing missions.

Pump Foreman

Finish 25 concrete mixing missions.

Professional Builder

Finish 1000 stages.


Finish 25 stages.

Competent Builder

Finish 500 stages.

King of the Air

Finish 100 crane missions.

Pallet Angler

Finish 10 crane missions.

On the Hook

Finish 50 crane missions.


Finish 100 excavator missions.


Finish 25 excavator missions.


Finish 50 excavator missions.

King of the Compactor

Finish 100 rolling missions.

Rolling Pin

Finish 10 rolling missions.


Finish 50 rolling missions.


Cancel five tutorials.


Finish 5 tutorials.


Finish all tutorials.

Quite Brave

Cancel the first tutorial.

The first machine

Buy your first vehicle!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Jump 50 times with vehicles from one place to another.

Motor pool king

Buy all vehicles!

Taxi driver

You have taken the taxi 50 times

Company owner

You have set up an online game as company owner


You have joined an online game as an worker


You have ¢1,000,000 in your account

New rich upstart

You have ¢5,000,000 in your account


You have ¢10,000,000 in your account