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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 7:47pm

Kitty can fly!

Performed a mid-air jump.
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 8:08pm

So it begins!

Completed world 1 in Adventure mode.
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 8:01pm

Foul play!

Found a secret level.

The cake is a Lie!

Free-fell through portals.

Token of Dedication!

Finished Adventure mode and collected all the stars in Race mode.

After rain comes sunshine!

Completed world 2 in Adventure mode.

Easy wasn't it?

Completed world 3 in Adventure mode.

Icy wasn't it?

Completed world 4 in Adventure mode.

From one Hell to another.

Completed world 5 in Adventure mode.

Hall of Fame.

Finished the Adventure mode.

The more the bloody-ier!

Played a game with other players.

The perfect Springboard!

Performed a springboard jump using another player.


Collected a goldstar.


Collected 3 goldstars.


Collected 10 goldstars.

Stars, Stars, Stars!

Collected 25 goldstars.

Just a few more!

Collect 50 goldstars.

The Collector.

Collected all the goldstars.

For a good cause.

Found a secret level.

A risk worth taking.

Found a secret level.

The forgotten path.

Found a secret level.

Just a bit higher!

Found a secret level.

You had one job!

Found a secret level.

What secrets?

Find all secret levels.

Fast as a cat!

Took first place in a race.

Show off!

Finished 1st in 5 race levels.
0 / 5

Cat Bolt

Finished 1st in 20 race levels.
0 / 20

First blood!

Won 1 game of deathmatch.

Serial killer.

Won 5 games of deathmatch.
0 / 5