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I wish all classic games were treated this way. The common two mistakes I see is complete laziness where DOSBox\ScummVM is used and nothing more or a game gets the Fable Anniversary treatment with new and improved graphics, but plays like crap. I personally only care about reliving the original Turok experience with all the bells and whistles this version offers (read the About This Game and Update History to learn more). To any Turok fan criticizing the price because the game was released in 1997, I invite you to play both (N64+PC Classic) then try this version out because I promise you you'll never consider going back. For any non-Turok fans I recommend buying this game at $10.00 USD. There's really not much else for me to elaborate on other than saying checkout the Update History for this game because it's clear the developers really do love Turok.

Edit: A Level Editor + Workshop Support was just incorporated and I wouldn't be shocked if Multiplayer is one day added since Turok 2 is being built from scratch (as this version of Turok was) on the same custom engine.



[*]No DOSBox\ScummVM nonsense.
[*]I got to relive the original Turok experience with tons of new game settings.
[*]A level editor is on the way.
[*]Mod Support
[*]The game has a fog reduction setting. This drove me crazy in the N64+Classic PC Versions
[*]I finally got to play Turok in 1080p!

[*]The price might be a deal breaker for non-Turok fans. If this is the case wait until the game goes on sale for $10.00
[*]Everyone has a different vision of how a game should be remastered. Thankfully it was remastered precisely to my expectations, but this might not be the case for you.

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