Developer at SuperiorServers. I do not sell my gamemode or parts of my gamemode, please do not add me to ask for it. Everything else is a go! Please leave a quick comment asking why you are adding me or your request may stay pending for a while.
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Developer at SuperiorServers. I do not sell my gamemode or parts of my gamemode. Please do not add me to ask for it. Everything else is a go!

People usually add me to ask these questions so please make sure it isn't answered first so you don't waste your time :)

Where are you hosted?
All of SuperiorServers dedicated servers are hosted by GMC []

Can I have access to X to make a video
No .__.

Is your SSRP server running DarkRP/Nutscript/Other Framework?
No! The gamemode itself is my own gamemode. All of its modules were coded by SUP. >:(

Do you sell your gamemode/modules
No. Unless there is some really really good reason to it is unlikely to happen.

Can I hire you?
Unless it sounds fun then probably not.

Do you need a mapper for hire?
Yes! Please message me with some past maps you've made!

Do you need content creators?
Unlikely, you can try though.

Can you teach me Lua
Learn it yourself. Look at and the official Lua documentation. Extracting workshop addons to learn from can also be useful as well.

Is SUP 100% "custom"
The core of SUP is fully coded by us and current/past SUP Content Creators. We currently use 3 workshop addons on CWRP that are slowly being phased out with my own
versions. They may be put on the workshop in the future.

Want to work on X with me?
If its opensource and it looks promising... sure!

Why do SUP's servers run better than everyone else who gets 128 players?
Everything is coded with 128 players in mind and is all made to work with eachother. Other servers with this much popularity tend to heavily lag or run at lower tick rates when there
is nothing happening on their servers. Most popular workshop and gmodstore addons are coded to look good and nothing more. They are poorly optimised because the authors are lazy or simply do not
care about performance.
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Adding you cuz you’re a decent person, kinda
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Adding to let u know u smell super bad
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Adding cause you're cool and I like your work... promise I won't msg you tho :p
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I am adding you because I would like to purchase D3A and I know it is hard to get but I promise I am trustworthy and I am willing to pay as much as you want to charge me for it
Cobra Jun 5 @ 10:02pm