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Here are some handy trading commands!

!help lists all of the commands

Too lazy to send an trade offer? Let me send an offer to You!
!sell "Item name" (e.g !sell Team Captain)
!buy "item name" (e.g !buy Team Captain)

!stock Gives You the item stock i have

!price "item name" Gives you the buying and selling price of a item, aswell as the stock for the item

!message "your message" - Sends a direct message to my owner, (e.g !message I need help)

Please make sure that you are not offering festivized items thinking that it is a festive one, it is not

Your trade can be declined for the following reasons:
❌ You are marked on SteamRep or banned on backpack.tf
❌ You have an active Trade hold or an Tradeban
❌ You are offering an item that is overstocked (I'll accept it if there is an 5% overpay)
❌ The item you are trying to take is unpriced / not from Team Fortress 2
❌ You are offering the wrong price for the item, this can happen when there is a delay in listing updater (bp.tf showed the wrong price) Use !price "item name" to get the right price

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+rep amazing deals
The Yuri Reader Aug 22 @ 3:31pm 
did not accept price that was set on backpack
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"Not offering enough" trying to sell an item
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Do not recommend this bot
Eazy φ | trade.tf Aug 18 @ 1:17pm 
Taunt: Results Are In
On bp.tf buy order at 6.44 ref but decline a trade offer for 6.44 and offer 6.11 with the command. plz fix.
vader Aug 2 @ 2:21am 
Forget it