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2月17日 に最後にプレイ
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2月17日 に最後にプレイ
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noodle 1月31日 9時49分 
Elusionary came out 5 years ago
zeg685 1月31日 9時30分 
Ah okay, it's weird that it was intentional. Also was The Void level inspired by afterbirth+ ?
noodle 1月31日 9時14分 
Thanks! that's actually intentional, bug I can see how it would look like a bug
zeg685 1月31日 5時57分 
Also the final boss music was cute, especially when he was 1 hit left. Congratz for that game, I can see your hard work into it.
zeg685 1月31日 5時47分 
Uh hi, I think I found a bug in your game This one more exactly
Gamer4life 1月23日 12時56分 
hi. could you make Hutts a moderator on Modding of Isaac? if so please tell him i asked. thanks for your time