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+A lot fun jokes
+Not boring at all
+Sweet manga visual style
+Teaches you about basics you need to pick up girls
-Opened end

Shadow Neutron
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Massive Monk (ARMY) 24 mag, ore 6:58 
Roger that, we got two crem de la crems in the oven, make sure to shake and stir untill they reach Cream Goodness, don't forget to get rid of unwanted tangtangs, over.
[FaZe] 27 6 mag, ore 4:08 
can u teche me hauw to get grilz ples
Hyruliant Lemongrass 🎄 1 mag, ore 14:08 
The quality of this show has really gone down since season 3. The writing was awful and there was barely any fanservice. 2/5
nikki 24 apr, ore 22:06 
rinøRRR 23 apr, ore 13:53 
hi im 12