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+A lot fun jokes
+Not boring at all
+Sweet manga visual style
+Teaches you about basics you need to pick up girls
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A Dead Person 4 Μαϊ στις 0:02 
Hey there. Just joined the Discord only to find it's just me and Robo-Baby 2.0 moderator in there. Is the discord completely empty or is something wrong? Thanks! :poop:
jacob 5a 28 Απρ στις 9:41 
jacob 5a 28 Απρ στις 9:40 
need help with downloading the binding of undertale
Kendo07 23 Απρ στις 14:44 
i need help with modding of isaac
Aphearse 13 Απρ στις 3:47 
So 16 seconds is impressive, but that got me thinking. What kind of volume of gas are we talking? Sure, he could have a tiny butthole and it could just be escaping a small amount per second over that time. This is Andre the Giant we're talking about, so I am assuming he's got a correspondingly giant anus. I am going to guess this guy was farting gallons.
noodle 6 Απρ στις 0:09 
Hey man,

Just replied to your mail. Let me know if we can get this sorted out. Thanks a ton!