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+A lot fun jokes
+Not boring at all
+Sweet manga visual style
+Teaches you about basics you need to pick up girls
-Opened end

My Movie: Shadow Neutron
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Kendo07 23 avr. à 14h44 
i need help with modding of isaac
Aphearse 13 avr. à 3h47 
So 16 seconds is impressive, but that got me thinking. What kind of volume of gas are we talking? Sure, he could have a tiny butthole and it could just be escaping a small amount per second over that time. This is Andre the Giant we're talking about, so I am assuming he's got a correspondingly giant anus. I am going to guess this guy was farting gallons.
noodle 6 avr. à 0h09 
Hey man,

Just replied to your mail. Let me know if we can get this sorted out. Thanks a ton!
Wolf Shepard 5 avr. à 22h00 
Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that the card titled "Mommy's Debit" has been declinded your latest purchases due to suspicous activities. To unlock your card for further use, please confirm your recent purchases with your local bank. The listing follows

- 1x Monster Horse Dildo 12' Lubricated Thrusters
- 3x Backdoor Sluts 9
- 1x "Undetectable Aimbot" from AimJunkies
- 6x Magnum condoms
- 5x Bananas
- 1x Small Condom
- 2x Subscription to LispyJimmy's stream
- 1x Anime Body Pillow
- 1x Gay Poster

Please respond back to us using your old email:
Massive Monk (ARMY) 28 mars à 8h08 
Winona Ryder Hicks, but my dick.
Massive Monk (ARMY) 7 mars à 13h54 
Lןדאקמ Hקרק kid.