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Liki Sep 30 @ 7:54pm 
If you believe in Allah comment this on 5 profiles. Don't just ignore this because it says in the Quran if you deny him, he will deny you in front of his son in the gates of paradise. This is the simplest test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of it
76561199022747619 Aug 11 @ 4:22am 
DriVerTo Aug 2 @ 11:55am 
Hello, happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best and great victories in csgo. (Sorry for the mistakes I write with Google translate).
Can I sign please
Frick Jul 24 @ 10:45am 
+rep, u play faceit?
любимый Jun 16 @ 4:10am 
прими го обмен
genius May 31 @ 7:03pm 
business offer