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5:46 PM - Bukowskiii (2): I called myself a gayboi on taggs stream and he gave me a copy of quake champions
5:47 PM - Bukowskiii (2): sucking dicks pays off for me
5:47 PM - Bukowskiii (2): yet again

Bukowskiii (2): so
Bukowskiii (2): someytimes im super rude to you
Bukowskiii (2): and id like toaplogose
Bukowskiii (2): im may be super durunk
Bukowskiii (2): but I realize that its unwarrented at times
Bukowskiii (2): and im sorry
Bukowskiii (2): but you do get under my skin a lot
Bukowskiii (2): and we both have a lot to work on for this friendship to work
Bukowskiii (2): anyway ur gay
Bukowskiii (2): ty for reading this shit
Bukowskiii (2): and dont buy quake just yet bc I think we're super super clost to f2p release

Bukowskiii (2): I will eat my hats if you dont get called Private Pyle at least once
blizzard: I'm not fat though
blizzard: Pyle
Bukowskiii (2): youre dumb though
Bukowskiii (2): oh fuck you

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Dawnstar Jul 16 @ 2:47pm 
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Jerrrrr Jul 12 @ 12:21pm 
It’s a gnu day let us get gnu frags
¤Soarin'¤ Jul 9 @ 6:28pm 
Added to talk about Ready Steady Pan match this week.
Bukowskiii Jul 7 @ 9:22am 
-rep didnt die in the plane crash and showed up at his own funeral
Way Past Cool Jul 2 @ 11:35pm 
Sick Scott Pillgrim pic
Pandak Jul 1 @ 1:27pm 
-rep wouldnt buy me black ops 3