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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:22pm


Use the Assault Rifle to kill 5 enemies in a row without reloading
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:22pm


Shoot 70 bullets within 16 seconds using the Assault Rifle
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 9:35am

Overly driven

Reach an Overdrive multiplier of 10
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 4:33am

Pseudo Post-Mortem

Kill 3 enemies within 10 seconds after restoring all health with the Defibrillation
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:10am


Kill a cloaked Shrouded enemy
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:52pm

The Enemy Of My Enemy

Kill an enemy that is trying to kill an enemy
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 7:59am


Take down 1 Convoy Leader
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 10:51pm

Over 9000

Drive over 9000 meters
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:29am


Jump over 100 meters with a ground vehicle
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:48pm

The Ranger

Complete mission: The Ranger
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 7:24am


Complete mission: Blackout
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:08am

The Signal

Complete mission: The Signal
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:59am

Wasteland Celebrity

Complete mission: Wasteland Celebrity
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 2:49am

Beneath the Surface

Complete mission: Beneath the Surface
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 11:23pm

Ground Control

Complete mission: Ground Control
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 4:10am

Double Cross

Complete mission: Double Cross
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 4:49am

Project Dagger

Complete mission: Project Dagger
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 11:57pm

A Noah Lot

Complete 5 Arks
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 9:54am

Sunken Hope

Visit the Wetlands EcoPod
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 4:49am


Complete the game on Nightmare Difficulty
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 4:49am

I am Death Incarnate!

Complete the game on Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

Skeet Shooting

Hit an airborne enemy with the Shotgun's Slug Shot


Kill 2 enemies with the same shot using the Hyper-Cannon

Postmodern Picasso

Rupture a total of 200 enemies using the Rocket Launcher


Use Dash Strike kick to kill 10 enemies

Come on and Slam!

Crush 50 enemies using Slam

Off With Their Heads

Headshot a total of 100 enemies using the Wingstick

Explosive Ending

Kill an enemy with a Turret Drone explosion


Kill 13 enemies while riding ziplines

The Bigger They Are...

Kill 7 Abadon Mutant Crushers

Hot Potato

Reflect an enemy's grenade

Goon De-leet

Kill 1337 Goons

Bytesize Takedown

Destroy 128 Vehicles while driving the Phoenix


Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix

On The Limit

Maintain top speed for 10 seconds with the Raptor

Acid House

Complete the Torn Plains Race under 3:03

Off Balance

Knock 19 bikers off their bikes with the Phoenix's "Dodge"


Scoop up an enemy with the Dumper Truck

Goon Fire

Blow up a Goon with the Goon tank "Booma"

Can't Stop Pop

Pop 17 Balloons

Mata Hari Manners

Destroy 30 Spy Drones

The Bowels of a Rust Giant

Venture inside the Dune Sea EcoPod

Forlorn Watcher

Travel to the summit of the Broken Tract EcoPod

Reaching out to the Past

Traverse the bridge to the EcoPod in the Wilds

Wasteland Vagabond

Visit every Trade Coalition settlement

Heavy Boots

Complete the game in Ironman Mode


Complete mission: Captive

Within the Walls

Complete mission: Within the Walls

Slaughter to the Lamb

Complete mission: Slaughter to the Lamb

Means to an End

Complete mission: Means to an End


Visit the Overgrown City EcoPod


Complete the Recondite Ark location


Complete the Bendring Ark location

Friend of Ford

Complete the Reclaim & Rebuild Project

Air Drop Down

Activate all Air Drops in Overgrown City

Questionable Sanctity

Complete all Ghost Sanctuaries in Overgrown City