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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 1:49am

The Beginning of a Servantship

Complete Mission "Penultimo of the Caribbean"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 3:14am


Complete Mission "Shackland"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 2:05am

Of Seals And Men

Complete Mission "Concrete Beach"
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 10:36am

Number 18

Complete Mission "Speakeasy"
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 2:37am

The Legend of Langostino

Complete Mission "Pirate King"
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:33am

The Dreamer of Dreams

Complete Mission "Chocolate Factory"
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 9:03am

Go Sovereigns!

Complete Mission "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 10:27am

Caribbean Comrade

Complete Mission "Better Red than Dead"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 4:28am


Complete Mission "(Super)Power Defense"
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 6:17am

For Science!

Complete Mission "Tropicoland"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 12:52am

Happy Ending?

Complete Mission "Acts of God"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 5:55am


Complete Mission "The Referendum"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 9:49am

Computer Says "No"

Complete Mission "Bureaucracy 2.0"
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 12:08pm

Beware The Betman

Complete Mission "The One Percenters"
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 2:20pm

Viva Tropico!

Complete Mission "Battle Royal"
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 2:20pm

Been there, Done That

Complete all Missions
Unlocked Mar 30 @ 4:47am

Just One...More...Term...

Spend 5 hours playing Tropico 6
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 1:12am

From Knight to Little Duck

Construct bridges with a accumulated length of 728 grid tiles
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:37am

Make Tropico Great Again!

Finish a sandbox game without any imports
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:44am


Finish a sandbox game on a map with a volcano on it with Disasters set to "Frequent"
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:37am

Watch The World Burn

Finish a sandbox game without ever constructing a fire station
Unlocked Mar 30 @ 6:19am

Un-Lonely Island

Reach a population of 1000
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 1:06pm

One Does Not Simply Stage A Coup

Survive a military coup
Unlocked Mar 30 @ 10:02am

French Connection

Have the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower constructed at the same time
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:16am

Curse Of The Mummy

Have the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid constructed at the same time
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 12:36am

Fairy Tale Come True

Have Neuschwanstein Castle and the Taj Mahal constructed at the same time
Unlocked Mar 30 @ 4:29am

Trade Is My Trait

Have an active trade route for all trade licences at the same time
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:58pm

The Time For Wonders

Have four heists active at the same time
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 10:47am


Have 20 inspiring statues at the same time
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 1:47am

The Governator

Remain in colonial era for 30 years
Unlocked Apr 7 @ 9:34am

Chain Gang

Generate $3,500 in a month with convict labor
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 12:39am

I Owe You Nothing

Reach a Swiss bank account credit of S$ 50k without ever accepting a single Broker request.
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 10:20am

We Don't Have Time For That

Have no elections within a duration of 20 years


Generate 15 random maps
0 / 15

Promising Endeavors

Perform 500 raids across all games
123 / 500

My Ways

End 50 protests by force or by bribing the protesters across all games
0 / 50


Win a multiplayer game as a team

Don't Panic!

Have a Space Mission end with a special event.

Double Trouble

Have two faction escalations at the same time

Sublime Subliminal Supreme

Have 90% of all Tropicans support the same faction