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sawg comments 9 hours ago 
i want to thank you for make steam take action vs you hhhhhhhhhhhh i got steam to thank to report no more dota2 hhhhhhhhhh i do feel sorry for you i thinks steam will teach how you respect another people :steammocking: and tell me now who the one will decide won or lose ? look like i made good one to you you will never play again :steammocking:
nyeeeeeezzzzzzz Apr 8 @ 11:29am 
Coming from a guy who made his comments private, meanwhile everyone in every single game that i played with you says that youre shi...t
Zeusl0rd Apr 7 @ 6:18am 
What a sad person, just look at the number of comments of people saying what a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ he is.
You need help. Reported every game
nyeeeeeezzzzzzz Apr 6 @ 5:03am 
Reality check for this guy, we were 4 out of 5 afk in that game, obviously he will have the best score XD
it takes 15 min to arrive bro dont worry :D hahah perma mute teenager :D
um. omg. look guys i was right xD he did take over the account from someone else. hahhaha no way this guy is even close to legend. xD and this one cant even speak english properly. the other sounded pretty uneducated as well but at least he spoke proper english ahhaha xD