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Level up is really easy and automatic. Add me as a friend! :)

:blue_pointer: 1 CS:GO key will give you 15 card sets (1500XP)

:blue_pointer: I accept all CS:GO case keys, except for the capsule keys

:blue_pointer: I will send offer with only sets you haven't crafted yet, otherwise use !buyany command

:blue_pointer: You can craft badges for games you don't own

:blue_pointer: If you have any questions/suggestions leave a comment or contact my owner

Enjoy and have fun!
Available commands:
:ok_ay: !buy 5: buy sets with 5 keys

:ok_ay: !buyone 5: buy one set for each badge only (for badge collectors)

:ok_ay: !check : number of sets I can offer you

:ok_ay: !buyonecheck : check how many individual badges you can buy (for badge collectors)

:ok_ay: !check 10 : number of sets I will offer you for 10 keys

:ok_ay: !level 100 : check number of sets and keys needed to get to level 100

:ok_ay: !help : show help info

Frequently asked questions
:gbullet: How can I get keys without 7 day trade hold?
      We suggest you buy your keys from OPSkins [opskins.com] to avoid the 7 day market trade hold.

:gbullet: Can I craft badges for games I do not own?
      Yes you can!

:gbullet: Will I receive sets that i have already crafted?
      No, the bot checks what sets you have crafted already and only give you sets that you don't       have.

:gbullet: Does the bot check what sets I already have in my inventory?
      No, so make sure you craft all sets you currently have in your inventory before buying more to       prevent getting same set you already own.

Why level up your steam account?
:gbullet:Every level you reach you gain another 5 slots in your friendslist
:gbullet:Every 10 levels let you add 1 more Showcase to your profile
:gbullet:Every 10 levels increases your chance of Booster Pack drop by 20%
:gbullet:Want to get popular? As you level up you start to appear on peoples profile :D
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