I play games. :OGOA:

Please write down why you are sending me friend/group request.:bandit:

친구 Sin: totalbiscuits
Ninjamuffin: his reviews are good but too long
친구 Sin: yea
친구 Sin: i fall asleep on him
친구 Sin: xD
친구 Sin: not literally...
Ninjamuffin: xDD
친구 Sin: pls dont make a wall

,,Ich dachte Schwarze sind warme Brüder, weil sie aus Afrika kommen und weil es dort warm ist.'' - Wario

Sloth In Business: Pretty cool
Sloth In Business: Chill
Sloth In Business: You know the usual
NinjaMuffin: Yeah chill, smoke a blunt while watching some good gay midget porn
NinjaMuffin: yeah the usual stuff
Sloth In Business: LOL Xd
Sloth In Business: As if I was a pothead
NinjaMuffin: so you disagree with me that you are a pothead but you accept wathicng gays midget porn
NinjaMuffin: gay*
NinjaMuffin: okay
NinjaMuffin: xD
Sloth In Business: Totally :D
Sloth In Business: Kasjldk xd ya fucker xd

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