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Nino Avila   Texas, United States
My info:
I'm from McAllen, Texas located in Texas' Rio Grande Valley.

I usually only play Team Fortress 2 online though I have other games. I've been playing Team Fortress since it first came out as a Quake mod and will continue to for as long as the game play is good. I'm usually blowin ♥♥♥♥ up as a Demo man or playing the team Doctor on my favorite server TheGravityBong (See link below).

Watch me play here
My Tumblr [ ninoavila.tumblr.com ]
The GravityBong Community [ www.gravitybong.net ]
Reddit TF2


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Bacon Boi 4月15日 11時21分 
+rep really cool med
Renim ☕ 4月7日 17時27分 
added you, interested in your Fountain of Delight Time Out Therapy, wanted to see if we could work out a deal on it
Stoneconjuror 4月4日 5時11分 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
andu 3月30日 13時33分 
added to ask a question :)
back if i dont kms bye 3月28日 14時51分 
Nicole, i re-added u, had some problems
Takinos 3月22日 2時21分 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat