Eric   Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

If you want to stalk me, just scroll down , its not that hard
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See, I told you its not that hard!
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Greetings, I, the fly Fly, greets you

Both of us know you've only scrolled this far for one single reason. Do you really think I'm going to give personal info away just like that?? Do you think I'm that stupid??? ....well. actually yes. Lets get this over with

:eye:I'm Fly you can also call me Flü, Flu, Flap_Flap or whatever

:eye:My BDay is on the (√36)th day of the (88^0)st month of the year

:eye:My addictions Alcohol, playing Arma 3 Altis life,

:eye:My favorite series Star Trek, Black Mirror, Blacklist, Person of Interest, Avatar, The Legend of Korra, Lucifer, Suits

:eye:My favorite game genres Shooter, RTS, Strategy, RPG

:eye:I like drinking, Arma 3, Steam, Skyrim

:eye:I dont like Annoying people

:eye:My favorite alcohol Jägermeister

You still want to know more about me? All of this wasn't enough?
You know there's this thing called "Private Message". Maybe try that....or you could just scroll down further.

About the games i play way too much

Arma 3 :NATO:
My opinion about the game: Iz gud game.
Server im currently playing on: LiveyourLife Altis Life Server []
Known as Jason Fly

Team Fortress 2 :balloonicorn:
I think theres not much to say. Its a fucking great game <3
Wave 666 completed as:
Scout 1
Soldier 2

My opinion about the game: I like rainbows.
My main operators are Ash, Finka, Frost and Ela.

About the games i also like playing

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
My opinion about the game: yes
Knives I already had:

- Flip Knife | Forest DDPAT
- Bayonet | Scorched
- Bayonet | Boreal Forest
- Butterfly | Boreal Forest
- Stat Trak Karambit | Boreal Forest
- Flip Knife | Slaughter
- Butterfly | Night
- M9 Bayonet | Night
- Bayonet | Doppler
- Karambit | Ultra Violet
- Bayonet | Vanilla
- Flip Knife | Stained
- Falchion | Night
- Bowie | Boreal Forest

My opinion about the game:
Its great to create machines and pollute the air

About the rest of my games

You also play one of these games and feel very lonely?

Just add me (leave a comment below before adding).
You can always join my games except you don't like Jägermeister or drunk people

Retarted people i usually play with plz no hate <3

:eye: Idiot :P
:eye: Also a retard ^^
:eye: Nice Dude :)
:eye: Craaazy ;)
:eye: Kitty :maplechan:
:eye: Bro ;D
:eye: Really retarded o.O:czombie:

Favorite Buddies

:eye: Dude who's all time ready to do crazy stuff :nepnep:

Special Thanks to...

:eye: Rem_Rem:Owl: for helping me with my profile :*

:eye: My Love <3 :heartris:

Information about my Account in case you want to hack it I will end you if you try

Steam level:

Age of the Account:
7+ years





Custom URL

Trade Link:

Vac Ban in CoD MW2 I confessed to the almighty Flying Spagetti Monster, they forgave me for my sins so calm your tits

Are you happy about yourself now? Wasting all your time by reading through this info box? I hope you are because you will never get this time back. I stole it from you! I stole your time and time is money, therefore you made me rich!!! >:D
German saying: The company thanks.

But in case you want to give me even more of your time, feel free to scroll down further!
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This guide will teach you how to talk like a soldier instead of screaming because you're scared.
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[h1]Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)[/h1]

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from
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Gwynbleidd Apr 23 @ 5:49am 
+ rep, - repped a friend of mine
Wintertime Apr 11 @ 2:20am 
sorry I don't add people with VAC bans 💔
eva.212 Mar 24 @ 2:09pm 
Love ya baby ;*
eva.212 Mar 24 @ 2:08pm 
<3 Boop
YK | Artwork Designer Feb 13 @ 8:08am 
hey man i'm a steam profile designer making artwork, screenS, workshop, and more so if you are interesting you can check you my works at info box ♥
have a great day ♥
!Dusty Jan 31 @ 11:41am 
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