squirt squirt, I'm the milk man, give me all the milk tanks. I need to provide for a loving family of two. the jets are blazing and meme for hazing but lemons will of ohio will do. hot dogs for grilling and coke cans for spiling, shrimp bags a chilling and dogs for killing candle will flow and Christmas a ho and toe of lovely glue julian swing the man of bing and fling of ching and doo clue ploop the loop. cook cook, I am a million dollar book of the loog ma goog
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Welcome to my profile, stalker. If you are level 0-2 and have nearly no games i will assume you are a phishing bot and will not confirm you if you add me, so comment on my profile and i'll get around to you. same for private profiles.

:whisper:Have some links:

Wanna send me a trade offer? Ding.

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:whisper:Some quotes:

Nimbus usually gone, read desc: remember when you claimed israel isnt a soccer mad country?
Nimbus usually gone, read desc:
Natural Sleeper: Nah I think someone just dropped a coin

fe: and why the heck is youtube asking me to look at a terms of agreement
fe: who reads these
fe: i haven't read anything lengthy in months
Natural Sleeper: Did you not watch the South Park episode
Natural Sleeper: Thats how you become a human centipede
fe: I'm gonna be made into a human centipad aren't I
fe: shit
fe: welp
Natural Sleeper: A lesbian human centipede
fe: but it still involves the poops
fe: i do not want the poop
Natural Sleeper: You get to be the front end
fe: i don't want people to eat the me-poop
fe: do not turn me into a poop battery
Natural Sleeper: Too late
Nimbus: assault and stealing people's poop battery
Natural Sleeper: You signed the terms and conditions
fe: this is a violation of my very limited human rights

Container of Coffee: foreskineans can die
Container of Coffee: keel over and DIE

fe: oky never mind the internat is hell
Nimbus: internat
fe: HOLY FUCK?????

____*******_________******* _____
___***____***____***______*** ___
_***______SORRY FOR_____***_

fe: i want to go back in time and engage in hardcore tribadism with a 20-year old elizabeth

Nimbus: who you callin pinhead
Bridgeu: who you calling?
Nimbus: who you?
Bridgeu: who?
Nimbus: ?

fe: this is unsafe peepee advice what is this

ggggggzzzzzhhgzzzhz: dildoes are pretty much the reason i live


If you wanna add me just to have a chat then go ahead, i don't really mind.
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