Miguel   Hessen, Germany
I love delayed comissions and bad customer service. XD

About me: I'm a 20 year old male who enjoys playing space games. I love games like Starpoint Gemini, Everspace but also games like Warframe.

I live in Germany, and my native language is German but I prefer to speak English as English has pretty much gotten to the point where i can call it my native language.

Beside that, I love to spend my weekends playing crappy games :P
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The furry fandom in a nutshell
So you are interested in what it is like to be a furry, arentcha? Well let me tell you a little something about it! You totally should take everything I say seriously and for the sake of your life, children, grandchildren and well, perhaps dogs and cats because you are about to become a furry.

Being a good furry means batteling others with how much comissions you can make. Seriously you are not a proper furry if you don't at least get one comission every month with at least one different person you barely know! Because this is how I do my life too, just walk up to people and take pictures with them, preferably in implying positions! But wait, there is more!

Not just comissions are a thing you should do, but also befriending everyone who has an icon that resembles a creature. Not humans! Humans are eww! I mean they barely even like to touch themselves if the urge of relieving that hormonic stress. After that they'll disinfect their hands with every kind of alcohol and consider buying a dog. Because dogs are an essential part of a furry's life, rite? RITE? RAIT! RATS!

Still looking forward to become a furry?! Well be excited for the best thing you can possibly do! RP's! Preferebly RP's you can put a page-long censor-bar ontop of it. So called ERP's where you can live a life of your desired stereotype! Aka just f*** everything you can find on the internet! Because seriously this is how things should work! Just... **** them! The best part of this is if you become good at RP's, people may even consider making them your mates! What mates are?

That (are)

In short: Partners over the internet that simulate a relationship for the sake of not feeling too alone in this strict world of normies. I mean who likes being around normal people? Who cares about politics? Who cares about social contacts? You can have a Mate and have mutual unconventional fun on daily basis! How awesome is that? And if even that isn't enough, there's more!

What if you and your internet mate meet up? In rare occasions Mates stay mates or even consider eachother as boyfriends and girlfriends. But most of the times mates turn into EX... Usually this event isn't all too bad because this basically means they will find a new one within a couple of days. Rare cases have proven that even just hours are required!

I mean if your mate gets boring, get a new one! eventually you will find someone who's furrnication-tools are just in a better shape. In which case, go ahead and take that fish! Because you should handle that like a pro!

In rare cases mates even manage to live together! Usually they involve at least one animal into their relationship! Preferably a canine because hell... sledgehammer-time!

And if you are still not convinced to become a furry, look no further because the ultimate reason awaits you! You can be together with the most famous persons! That's right! Why hang around with average furries if you can be together with professional furries?! Just look at those people. Search for their name on any furry site and see at least 100 images popping up! Often seen together with other famous people! Let's be honest here, if you want to become known, invest into comissions! People take the opportunity to have an image with you if you pay for it! And Tadaa, once you are famous you will get the money you've invested back because other people also want to become famous and do it with you!

Still not convinced? Well, then you are one of the normal people out there that understand what it's like to be normal and what benefits it brings with it!

Also, I'm a furry. Thank you for reading!

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Nightsky May 29 @ 5:44am 
Something tells me that I'll get a lot of comments here in the not-so-distant future.
Nightsky May 29 @ 2:44am 
I fell unconcious today for a few minutes. Felt like... Well... I can't tell... I was asleep.
Nightsky May 28 @ 7:06am 
I hate the undecisive minds of others. Not just if it involves me but also involves promises, decisions and stupidity of others. And this makes me wish that the past would never have happened.
Lachflesch [Pulsar Tec] May 8 @ 2:53am 
+Rep :te_hand:
Nightsky Apr 12 @ 12:18am 
I love you too, Rune~<3
Vice Mar 30 @ 5:07am 
Is a lovely wyvern